Many of our programs are approved for the use of GI Bill benefits. Please contact us for details.

All Programs - $12,500* per year (not including certification exam fees which are optional)

* Veteran discount of up to $2,500 per year for tuition and fees if not covered by GI Bill benefits. Tuition can be reduced to $10,000 maximum.

* Work study is available for non-veteran/full time students on a first come basis thereby helping with tuition costs by $2,500 based on 2 work study hours per class day.

$375 per credit - for individual courses

Certification Testing Fees –

A fee is charged in certain programs offering certification exams. This fee is determined annually by the appropriate certifying agencies.

These are optional fees and must be remitted to the certifying agency before the course starts in order to qualify for sitting for the exam.

Book and Tool Fees –

Please contact us for details.


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